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The Best Gift, is the Gift of Adventure.

The gift that keeps on giving! Why not give someone the gift of adventure?

The Cascades Outdoor Center offers gift certificates to all our tours and shuttles. Adventures are best shared, so give the gift for two!

“Each year for the Holidays I purchase a gift certificate for all my grandchildren to spend a day of adventure together. Last year we went rafting and this year we are going kayaking! Everyone had a blast and I can't wait for the kids to open their gift of adventure this year.” - Elaine S.

Five reasons to give the gift of Adventure.

  • Memories last a lifetime. As the gift giver, you'll always be part of the adventure, no matter if you attend the trip or not.

  • Anticipation. There's nothing like the excitement of an upcoming trip in the making.

  • Something for everyone! We have many different guided tours, mountain bike shuttles and rental options no matter your skill or experience level.

  • Environmentally friendly. No clutter to add to your home or unused meaningless gifts.

  • Two in one. Do you still like to have a gift to wrap and open? Maybe you purchase clothing or gear they could use on their adventure. It really is a gift for everyone.

*Certificates are purchased through the Westfir Lodge site and can be used for any guided tour, shuttle, rental equipment or overnight stay.


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